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We are sfclu.com and it is our mission to create an exciting website with great and up-to-date information that would showcase the richness of the queen city of the Ilocandia, San Fernando City, La Union. It is our business to provide you with an excellent website that you would truly enjoy browsing just like that social network you are so addicted of! It is our vocation to treat you as we’d like to be treated therefore we’ll make each and every visit of yours as rewarding as possible with accurate information of events, great deals and of course, with our favorite, the exciting freebies! We shall constantly strive to meet or exceed what it takes to raise San Fernando City, La Union and its people into a national and international recognition as it truly deserves.


We envision ourselves to be the humble beginnings of exciting changes via electronic influence fundamentally being the pioneer interactive portal to disseminate current information, conduct interesting forums, and polls, support open interaction and eventually structure an exclusive membership club assertive enough to offer various privileges and tap into more profound public assistance by interactive media in services such as classified ads, advertisements and free general information. All these, we envision in due course, to incite San Fernando City’s economy, trade, industry, commerce and tourism towards national and international recognition.


www.sfclu.com took life from our sincerest aspirations to provide a one-stop website for anyone who stays or plans to visit our locale. We feature all about our great city, from its wonderful people and places to its history and upcoming events, from little things that matter the most such as food and drinks, gadgets and cars and even dialect, basically, anything under the sun that would sputter your interest of our locality.

We dwell in the viewpoint that we can be partners to maximize anyone’s life at the grandeur of our place.

We write what you want to know. We are a website open to all of your comments, suggestions, criticisms, merits and thoughts. This is YOUR website for the City of San Fernando City, La Union, wherever you are at any given time.

We guarantee that we will make it our personal quest to see to your needs as you state them. We do not make cheap talks, instead we make necessary actions. Here are ways to get a hold of us:

  • Email at us:
  •       sfclu@pod.com.ph
  •       writer@pod.com.ph
  •       edgee@pod.com.ph

  • Contact us at:
  •       +639175641000 / +639175005424
  •       (+63) 72-700-2882

We are located at: #77 Marizar Arcade, Ortega Street, City of San Fernando, La Union.
We’d love to hear from you, moreover, we’d love to see you as we make things happen.

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