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Practice Makes Perfect

by bhebotenchantress | Published: Aug 20, 2013

Tension is caused by fear, and not understanding really what we don’t know we are doing. This fear is paramount in photographers. It is how we photographers perceive the world, the tension and the emotion wherein how we perceive what other people think of us as photographers. People think we are invading their privacy when we photograph them. We need to sit somewhere on a rock, and think that if people only knew what was going on in our heads during the time we were shooting them, which we have to admit is noble, they would come over and give us a hug for our efforts. But they don’t know that, they just think you are a sneak from the insurance company! Let’s get rid of the tension, and just forget about everything else. Being a photographer is knowing how to react instinctively to something we see or feel during the moment. It isn’t about the camera. It’s not how expensive your camera is. It’s never how long or beautiful or pretty your lens looks like with that gold ring or red ring. Photographers are now obsessed with having the best equipment, but without practice and disregarding the tension and fear of photography, your equipment will never make great work. It’s the person and the brain behind the camera that makes all the difference.


You want to be admired by all people who see your work? Start from the very beginning. If the world was a lot simpler than it really is, everyone would be a great photographer. We would just go out and just shoot. But, in reality, the picture is never about the person who took it. It’s always all about why you took that photograph in the first place. Whether be for a client, for a magazine or publication, or something only you know, it is never about you. It takes great skill and attitude, a mixture of both, to take great photographs. If you lack the skill but have the attitude, practice. If you have the skill but don’t have the attitude, practice. Do you see where I am getting at? I hate to use a very old cliché, but practice makes perfect, or somewhere near perfect. Basketball players practice. Golf players practice. Guitarist practice until their fingers bleed. Arithmetists practice. Get familiar with the camera. By this time your finger on the shutter button will be able to keep up with your brain.


Get rid of the fear and the tensions behind taking a photograph. If you want to be a photographer for the rest of your life, take a camera with you everywhere you go. Never give up. Never surrender. If it’s your passion, stick with it. It’s your dedication, your passion, your love for the craft that will be the final testament of the work you create, and what the rest of the world will define you in the end.


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