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Solidarity in Calamity

by bhebotenchantress | Published: Aug 17, 2012

Just after the monsoon hammered most of Metro Manila and nearby provinces, San Fernando City had a taste of mother nature’s excessive downpour. Flood covered most of San Fernando City last August 15th due to typhoon Helen that stormed us at signal number 1.

As always, we’d rather dwell on what good this event has brought about rather than the writing about the calamity itself. Best weapons for tragedies are awareness and preparedness. But when people are already in the middle of the tumult, solidarity can save or at least lessen the damages and losses.

Much more than the number of barangays that were flooded by rain water and mud and landslide, many people were united in action to evacuate both fellow and pets to dry ground, provide temporary shelter, food… basically safety. The joint efforts and perseverance of people from the masses to the local government units such as the Coast guards, Maritime, PNP, the regional and city disaster coordinating units as mentioned by Mayor Pablo Ortega at Unang Hirit, are the reasons why, although never insignificant, only very little loss and damage were caused by typhoon Helen. When asked over the phone interview by one of the news anchors of the early morning show what help was needed, Mayor Pablo Ortega said that the city can still manage the provisions its lovely people needed during this trying. It made me proud as a local resident to let the country know that the queen city of the north can withstand a test of mother nature as this one.

Just a day after the flood, San Fernando City, started to rise back on its feet. May the flood never happen again. Viva to the people of San Fernando, viva to Ilocandia’s prime city!

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