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To Forget or Not to Forget

by bhebotenchantress | Published: Jul 04, 2012

If you were given a chance to take a pill that would allow you to select memories of your own and remove them, forget about them as if they never happened, would you take it? I couldn’t say it would be a bold or weak thing to do. It would depend on what perspective you look at it. I have asked friends about this on a social network site and it was amazing how little people made the visible likes or comments and yet a number sent personal messages to state their opinion away from public viewing and judgment. To many, this was a matter they opted to discuss with shyness despite today’s limitless bounds on forums and discussions.

Of course the pill is non-existent although in the past years there have been researches about its possibility and who knows how many more are on going and if they will ever come up with such  prescription. But the effect of such drug will be bittersweet. Imagine how many people’s lives would be led easier with less pain from drastic experiences such as crimes, tragedies or deaths. But wont it defeat hope’s purpose in life? Now, I sure respect those who said they would take one and choose to forget these and that from certain points of their lives. They have very deep reasons and I feel them. But we are all different, aren’t we? If I were handed such a pill to forget what I want, I would take one and toss it out the window. I choose to remember every mistake and regret I have had in my life. I have more in me than to cower in what refuge forgetting can give.

We are put through occurrences that ultimately lead us to our best likelihoods, they say. We get better every day, otherwise we might as well consider ourselves to be bananas sitting on the table, waiting for its time to rot.  It may be a tough struggle to rise above hardships but it is quite true that we can’t be the people we so love today if not for such misfortunes. And besides, no matter how bad things look, things always get better. Trust me.

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