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On Rallies, and Concerned Citizens

by bhebotenchantress | Published: Jul 30, 2013

President’s from all over the world hold state of the nation addresses at least once a year, to give a progress report to their “bosses” the current state of affairs and events in the country that they are tasked to govern. Recently, our president, Benigno C. Aquino III, held one and told us the current progress report of the ongoing projects, initiatives, and thrusts of the government he is currently focusing on. While the address was being done inside the great halls of our nation’s congress, outside, it was chaos.


It is also common for nations from all over the world, during the state of the nation addresses, to hold rallies outside (and sometimes inside) to protest the current president’s leadership or lack thereof. It was no exception here in the Philippines. While lines upon lines of police officers, some of them having been there for more than forty-eight hours without food, water, and / or sleep manning the streets and entranceways to our nation’s congress, there were also lines upon lines of protestors, trying to get in and disrupt the proceedings.


There was one officer, amongst the rest, who caught the attention of the public media. PO1 Joselito Sevilla, a police officer assigned to the area to keep the calm and peace, flashed the peace sign when he noticed the crowd starting to get unruly. In a public gathering like this, you can expect lots of photographers snapping away, capturing the moment frame by frame. As the pictures can tell, PO1 Joselito looked tired and out of key during the beginning of the crowd’s push to the SONA. As the rocks, debris started to fly through the air, and the police with batons started to get order back from chaos from the crowd, PO1 Joselito stood his ground and did the most unpredictable thing; he started to cry.


In our macho centered culture, the last thing you are expecting to see in this situation is a police officer crying. You would expect him to be stone faced, and trying to get order back from an escalating situation that can quickly get out of hand. Our macho culture would condemn this, and say that the police officer was a “coward” or “just not fit to wear the uniform”.


But let us take this situation out of context. We are all human at heart. Even if we are wearing a uniform, in full battle gear, facing down an angry mob, we are still human, and as such are governed by our human emotions.


Some of the onlookers even noticed the police officer crying, and lent him a hand, trying to get back the composure that was expected of him. As quickly as it happened, PO1 Joselito was quickly whisked away by members of his group, while the rest got the crowd back into control.



The main contention of this essay is to point out that we are all Filipinos, no matter our political views and connections, our personal interests, and mostly our personal opinions on our government’s way of handling a situation in our country. We are all human. Let us take the emotions of PO1 Joselito as an example, that we should all work together towards a common goal, no matter our personal opinions, no matter our creed or beliefs.


credits to: philippine star

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