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Holiday tip #2 Celebrate within your budget

by bhebotenchantress | Published: Dec 18, 2012

Hi guys! Hope we got you rethinking the gifts you\'re buying for the kiddos with our tip number one a few days back. Here’s tip number two for the holidays.

Celebrate the holidays within a reasonable budget. Let’s admit it. We celebrate with as much extravagance as we could. Filipinos have the tendency to overspend during special occasions, especially during Christmases and New Years. Keep in mind that there are days after the holidays when you would still have to spend on daily necessities. Do not forget to spend wisely. Plan how to spend that 13th month pay and bonuses of yours and once you come up with a spending plan, stick with it and keep track of your purchases.

A tip on sticking with your list is to try to check what is available online. This actually allows you to get the best buys and best deals plus this will lead you far from falling into impulse buying when you see displays from stores that aren’t on your list. And once you have made up your mind on purchasing an item whether online or not, check for expiry dates, shipping details and return policies too.

Visit us again for more tips as we get closer and closer to the merriest day of the year. Plus watch out for the latest trade fair of our city, Rimat ti Amianan. \'till next time guys. : )

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