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On Tulfo and Santiago

by bhebotenchantress | Published: May 31, 2012

Writing the title or phrase “ON TULFO AND SANTIAGO” alone is enough to stir up opinions. And this one is mine. What transpired at the airport between Tulfo and Santiago along with wife Barreto is overblown by publicity, I think. In fact, this happens everyday. Somebody losses his cool and the more often than not model, humble employee gets the unfortunate flare of rage. But being TV personalities, nobody can be blamed that they roused massive public opinion. People pay dearly for fame. But when you make the autopsy here, you’ll find out that everyone is at fault and a victim at the same time.

Tulfo was doing his job as a reporter by capturing the incident. You see, if you live for mass media, you’ll always have an itch to let the whole world know of what is happening. Barreto was executing a basic right of a customer or a client, to complain. Santiago, as a husband, defended his wife from the threat and abuse that he saw. Now hinting on filing a lawsuit, the airport employee was carrying out the job as well. Then everyone gets a victim of not knowing how to compromise. Tulfo gets beaten up. Santiago will surely get something out the hat beating him that bad, whether for a wife or not, he still gave the fist…a lot of it. Barreto got the beating too as she reported. And poor employee got the abuse as well but is overshadowed by their fame.

Bottom line is that when you lose your modesty in letting people know what you feel and want, you could be getting yourself and a few others in trouble. You all humiliate yourself at the end. As simple as a child is taught, “do unto others what you want others to do to you.” So keep your cool everyone!

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