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iPad Air, What You Need to Know About Apple’s Latest Gadget

by bhebotenchantress | Published: Oct 30, 2013

I recently watched the pseudo-biography flick of Steve Jobs, and although I have mixed feelings about it, it does actually portray the mentality that goes behind conceptualizing, and building of a final product of such high caliber as those made by Apple Inc. Recently, Apple has come up with a not so revolutionary device, but something that leaves the previous generation whimpering in the corner, waiting to be replaced by the latest generation from the Cupertino based company.


The iPad Air. Personally, I think it’s the silliest name that can be given to a device. I would have gone with just iPad, or stuck a number after it. Whenever I hear the name iPad Air, I think of an iPad plummeting through the air, having slipped from the fingers of a child, crashing on the floor with an audible thwack and breaking glass. Other than this, I think the latest iteration of the iPad is the greatest.


Weighing at exactly 1 pound, or half a kilo, it is reportedly 28% lighter, and 20% thinner than the previous generation. On top of that, it retains the stunning retina display, but with thinner bezels to make the screen look simply huge, enabling the user to see all the content on the screen with just one glance. Remember seeing that commercial about the pencil? Well, they brought it back with the new iPad Air. It is as thin as a number 2 pencil, but retains and exceeds the previous generations capabilities. On the outside, it looks like a bigger iPad Mini, which it literally is now. Imagine the shape and size of the iPad Mini expanded to the size of a regular iPad.


On the outside, you are only presented with five physical buttons, the power button, the mute / orientation lock switch, the volume toggles, and the home button, which does not feature Apple’s new Touch ID sensor. The side bezels have been reduced in width, and hug the screen, making the iPad Air thinner. On the back of the device is the 5 megapixel camera, same as the last generation, dual microphones, and for those who choose to get the cellular model, the plastic covered antennae with the sim card slot located at the bottom left side of the device. It is also the first ever iPad to support the MIMO standard, which allows for faster cellular access anywhere around the world.


Gadget enthusiasts out there will want to read the following, since it concerns the latest specs for the iPad Air.


Colors: Space Gray or Silver

Models: Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Cellular

Capacity and Price: starts at $499 or P 22,000.00


·         Height: 9.4 inches

·         Width: 6.6 inches

·         Depth: 0.29 inch

·         Weight: 1 pound (1/2 kilo)


Display: Retina Display, 9.7 inch LED Backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS Technology at 2048 by 1536 at 264 pixels per square inch.

Chip: Apple A7 64 bith architecture and M7 motion coprocessor

Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0

Cameras, Photos, and Video Recording: FaceTime HD Camera, Video Recording, iSight Camera

Operating System: iOS 7


·         Passbook

·         Safari

·         Mail

·         iBooks

·         Photos

·         Maps

·         FaceTime

·         Newsstand

·         Messages

·         iTunes Store

·         App Store

·         Calendar

·         Music

·         Videos

·         Siri

·         Reminders

·         Contacts

·         Camera

·         Notes

·         Photo Booth

·         Clock

·         Game Center



The iPad Air is a great device to get if you are starting your foray into the world of Apple. But if you can wait for a little while longer for the next generation, and have an iPad or two laying around the house, best wait for it.

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