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Ready for the Rain

by bhebotenchantress | Published: Jul 04, 2012

Summer is almost out of the picture. We bid goodbye to the sun’s scorching heat and welcome the monsoon or rainy season. Although we appreciate what the rain could do to the parched lands, we have got to be prepped for the harsh conditions that this season is coupled with. Here are a few tips for the rainy season. Read on and be out of harm’s way:


1. Always be prepared with an umbrella/raincoat.
2. Wear appropriate footwear (slip resistant soles and with solid support)
3. Consider a Flu Shot.
4. Charge your cell phones.
5. Keep antiseptic liquids handy for washing to avoid itching, rashes and skin infections associated with the rainy season.
6. Keep body warm and dry as viruses find cold temperature conducive.
7. Keep body well hydrated.


1. Ideally, the roof should have been checked and repaired before the rainy season has officially marked the calendar. This includes checking leaks/holes and cleaning the gutters too.
2. Be ready with stored food that will not be easily spoiled. Store drinking water too.
3. Be ready with an emergency and first aid kit inclusive of flashlights, radio, extra batteries and essential medicines for the basic rainy illnesses such as colds, fever and diarrhea.
4. Be alert. Monitor weather updates from radio or tv reports. Consider listing emergency numbers or storing them in speed dials in your mobile phones.
5. Keep the house free of stagnant water and keep the insects away by using repellants that are odor friendly.
6. Be inside and,as much as possible, stay in the house during bad weather.
7. Do not allow kids to play in stagnant polluted water or puddles.
8. Be calm.


1. Allow more time for travel. Avoid rushing and take slow, sure steps to stir clear of accidents such as slipping on wet sidewalks.
2. Avoid walking through puddles no matter how shallow they may seem.
3. If possible avoid using wet stairs or if you have to use it, always use the handrails.
4. Be a leader in safety, always initiate cleaning up (or notifying who has to), put up wet hazards.
5. Make sure that entry mats are in the doorways to dry feet before entering.


1. Do not attempt to repair electrical damages or pull fallen debris such as tree limbs off electrical lines. Avoid areas that may conceal energized power lines.
2. Always keep the surroundings dry and clean.
3. Dispose rain or flood water accumulated in empty containers such as bottles, old tires, empty plastic containers and other possible places where water may be trapped and be used by mosquitoes in laying eggs. The harmful insect increases its population during this season and also the chances of getting diseases from it such as dengue.


1. Do not drive on high speed on wet road.
2. Give yourself more time for heavy traffic due to rain.
3. Obey the speed limit and drive slower in the rain.
4. Maintain an extra distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
5. Make sure that the windshield wipers are in proper working order; change the wiper blades before the rainy season arrives.
6. Make sure that the defroster is in proper working order; keep the dash clear so as to not block the defroster.
7. Turn on your headlights while driving during rainy weather.
8. Do not drive around road barricades; they are there for your safety, the road or bridge may be washed out.
9. Avoid driving into flooded areas; if your vehicle stalls in rapidly rising floodwaters, abandon it immediately and climb to higher ground.

It is always possible to enjoy any season with enough preparation and caution. Be safe everyone!

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